Game To Market Program Done For You

We are looking for 10 highly motivated individuals who have the passion to build a video game studio but have no idea where to start. To be very up front this is a $125,000 program where we guide and build for you to duplicate the game development process. Building With the Unity Game Engine, We build your game, story, or idea using existing assets, modules, art, and customize all of the assets to build and share your story to market.


We Build Your Studio Process

Game Development

We build your plan, concept, design, build, test, and package your story for multiple platforms. This process gets you on Microsoft Platform, Apple Platform, Unity Platform, Steam Platform, Epic Platform, & X-Box Platform.

Marketing Development

We build and execute a marketing plan and understand all the ways we can market your game on multiple platforms.

Community Building

We connect and start building out your gaming community.


We show you how to duplicate our process into your own studio to grow and scale your own studio.

The Breakdown

Access To Our Studio To Build Your Game

– Adding you to our development network seat for the 1st year
– As holding a seat in our organization immediate access to all of our assets
– Introduction to our studio and developers
– Building out a game plan to build your game

3 to 6 month pipeline to build, package and deliver your game

– Acquiring models and game assets for your story
– Customizing all assets and modules that were acquired for your story
– Sound assets being implemented
– Integrating all the assets and packaging your game
– Quality assurance testing final testing for your game
– Packaging your game for the platform submissions

3 to 6 months of marketing your game

– We build a marketing plan using $20k of your investment towards marketing your game
– Build your website, affiliate program, marketing plan and branding content
– Build ad budget for FaceBook, Google, Instagram, Gog, and publishers
– Planned podcasts & getting your game out on as many platforms available for your Unity game
– Networking and events planning and you will be attending
– Planned marketing for influencers and ambassadors in our network to introduce your game


Start Connecting With Your Gamers

We build your community with organic marketing, paid marketing, and our network of influencers at Chili Bomb Interactive, Tic Toc and uGeek, along with the events we currently attend throughout the year!


Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

We utilize Unity Game Engine, which allows you to publish very quickly to 25 different platforms with your game idea. We help guide you to avoid pitfalls and get a finished product to market with a proper blueprint in place. This timeframe generally takes 6 months to 1 year of development time depending on the type of game you wish to build for the gaming community.

For Everyone

Built For Freelancers, Agencies, & Personal Use

This program is for those that have a passion for gaming. We walk you through the process from start to finish no matter where you are at in the process with your studio, idea, project, or concept.

Join Today

If you would like to join our community of game developers and be part of our efforts to help anyone in the game industry we do provide a finders fee if you know of anyone that would like to get a video game built and do not know where to start.